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ACACIA STENOPHYLLA (Shoe-String Acacia) - An open, quick-growing tree to 30' tall by 20' wide. Very long narrow and slightly twisted, drooping leaves lightly clothe weeping branches. Small rounded creamy yellow flowers appear in late winter/spring followed by clusters of brown seed pods. New bark is maroon. A good tree that provides light shade in drought tolerant gardens. Hardy to about 20-25 degrees F. Photo on top.

ACACIA BAILEYANA - Evergreen tree with fragrant yellow clusters of flowers it will bloom early to mid-winter. the foliage is a feathery grey blue creating a graceful tree as a single or multi-trunked specimen. It can grow up to 30′ tall and 40′ wide. It prefers full sun and tolerates little to no water when established. Zones 9-11. Photo 2nd from top.

ACACIA CULTRIFORMIS (Knifeleaf Acacia) - A multi-trunked small tree growing to 15 feet tall and as wide. The gray-green triangular leaves are tightly held to drooping gray branches. Fragrant yellow rounded flowers form in clusters in spring. Plant in full sun to light shade and irrigate occasionally to infrequently. Not fussy about soil type, but it requires good drainage. Reliably cold hardy to 20°F and not damaged in our historic December 1990 freeze with short term temperatures of 18°F. This is a great drought and frost tolerant plant for the garden that can be used as a focal or screening shrub or trained up as a small tree and cut branches work great in flower arrangements. Photo 3rd down from top.

ACACIA LATIFOLIA - A fast-growing bushy shrub or small tree to 20 feet tall and as wide. Long light green leaves and fragrant round, golden yellow flowers appear in winter to early spring along end of branches. Salt tolerant so a useful for seaside conditions. Frost and drought resistant - hardy to 20 degrees F. Use as a screen or windbreak; often seen as freeway plantings but this plant should not be planted adjacent to natural areas, particularly near riparian or dune areas as there is potential for this plant to invade these areas. Photo 2nd from bottom.

ACACIA REDOLENS PROSTRATA - This is a fast growing, drought tolerant shrub or groundcover growing no higher than 3' and spreading 12 to 15' wide. The leaves are gray green; it has yellow flowers from February to April. Photo on bottom.